Aging is a fact of life, looking your age is not.
— howard murad

Dermaplaining 45min …………$89

Reveal a smoother and brighter Completion with our dermaplaing skin treatment. By gently scraping off dull and dry dead skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz, your skin will be left feeling hydrated, smooth and radiant . This is a great treatment for all skin types.


  • Double cleanse

  • Enzyme defoliant and steam

  • Dermaplaining

  • hydrating mask

  • Moisturiser and SPF


Skin Needling 1hr                   $110

Micro needling is used to stimulate collagen and elastin growth within the skin, leaving a youthful looking glow to the skin. Micro needling helps to reduces wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation and acne scaring as well as stretch marks. 


  • Double cleanse

  • Oxygen Mask

  • Skin needling

  • Hydrating mask

  • Calming and Protecting Serum


Gold LUX Facial 1hr 15mins               $120

The ultimate nutrition infusion for ageing, dehydrated skins. A luxurious pamper that includes an indulgent 3 layered mask designed to give your skin a vitamin boost and intense hydration.


  • Double cleanse

  • Exfoliate & Steam

  • Customised infused mask

  • Massage With Hydrating mask

  • Layered with Probiotic Sleep mask

  • Moisturiser & SPF


Relaxation anit-aging Facial 1hr 15mins       $120

Ready for some R&R? This luxurious facial is for you. Enjoy a double cleanse with warm steam, pomegranate enzyme peel to exfoliate, plump and hydrate, following by our signature facial massage and sculpt mask. Finished with our hot towel, moisturizer and spf.


  • Double cleanse

  • Pomegranate Peel

  • Massage

  • Sculpt Mask

  • Moisturiser & SPF

Luxury is in Each Detail
— Hubert de Givenchy

Add A little luxury to your treatment…

LED therapy $20 (10mins)

Treats a range of skin conditions and promotes healing.

Ultrasonic blackhead removal $20 (15mins)

Creates an ultrasonic wave to loosen and remove blackheads

Sculpt mask $20 (15mins)

Calms, cools, firms and hydrates the skin. Perfect after any skin treatment.

Oxygen mask $20 (15mins)

Add on to any skin treatment to enhance blackhead removal. It also preps the skin for grater product penetration. Perfectly paired with our dermaplaining, ultrasonic, antiaging or skin needling treatments.