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At blush we offer a unique hair removal service called sugaring. We stock the world renowned Alexandria Professional Sugar Paste swell as Home care products. Here is why we love it so much!
  • The sugar is 100% natural and free of nasties
  • Doesn't stick to live skin cells
  • 100%water soluable suagr paste
  • 100% hygenic
  • Perfect for all skin and hair types and textures
  • Can sugar hair as little as 2mm
  • Extract hair in it natural growth direction
  • Cannot burn, so even great for the sensitive skins!
  • Eliminates and prevents i n grown hairs

Have you been sugared?​
For men and women! You will leave feeling completely smooth and refreshed!

Lip                                                        $16.5
Chin                                                     $16.5   
sides of face                                         $16.5
Under arm                                            $22
1/2 arm                                                 $33
full arm                                                  $44
1/2 leg                                                   $45
full leg                                                   $65
1st LA bikini (Brazilian)                         $75
maintenance                                         $65
Bikini line                                              $22
G-string                                                 $38
Eye brow sculpt                               $22

Eye brow tint                                  $13.5

Eye lash tint                                   $16.5

Sugaring / Waxing
Mens Sugaring
Chest/Abs                            $50
Back                                    $50
Full Arm                              $55+
1/2 Leg                                $45+
Full Leg                                $65+
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