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The Signature
The Brightner 
The Purifier
An intensive 3 in 1 treatment where the skin is prepped with gentle active complex of fruit acids before being micro polished using poly abrasion to refine. Followed by collagen activation, technology leveraged delivery & targeted wrinkle infusion, the signature offers revitalization, rejuvenation & regeneration. A high performance mask will intensify your treatment & leave your skin feeling fresh, bright & well hydrated.

Designed for skin with hyperpigmentation, sun damage or uneven skin tone, the brightener uses advanced peptides and inhibitors to rehabilitate and normalize pigment processes whilst promoting a bright radiant complexion. Further amplified by a gentle fruit acid peel and poly abrasion, finished with a high performance calming and pigment inhibiting mask, the skin will feel refined, even toned and hydrated.

Highly effective treatment for oil, congested and problematic skin conditions. A synergistic blend of actives to break through excessive oil flow kill the bacteria and inhibit the re-infection, exfoliate and purify. Peptides enhance the cellular network and promote healing where the inflammation is present. Your skin will feel clean and retextured.

Peeling|Poly Abrasion| Collagen Activation| intensified hyaluron acid and peptide delivery - 60min $165
Peeling| Poly Abrasion| Technology leveraged delivery of brightening complex - 60mins $145
Deep Cleanse| Peeling| Poly Abrasion| Concentrated delivery of purifying complex - 60mins $145
The Healer
Deep cleanse| Enzyme Therapy| Peeling| Poly Abrasion - 45mins $85
Skin strengthening treatment to correct a compromised, sensitive skin with reduced barrier function. Focusing on non-invasive enzyme exfoliant to rebuild the skins natural protection barrier and reprogram a healthy skin function. Concluding with Skinfaktors unique WOW mask and targeted serum, the skin is boosted onto the path of repair.

The perfect deep cleansing treatment for those subject to everyday pollutants yet ‘on the run’. The express will leave the skin feeling well exfoliated. High Concentration of fruit enzyme acids will gently promote skin rejuvenation and renewal. Finishing with a hydrating surge of hyaluronic acid, the skin will look refined, radiant and plump
Deep Clease| Enzyme Therapy| Peeling - 30mins $75
The Express
Not just your average facial, the classic offers both skin results and relaxation – For those who want it all! 100% hands on, your skin therapist will customise a treatment to target your skin concerns. Using a combination of active enzymes and fruit acids to optimize skin cell renewal and combat premature aging. A cocktail of potent serums will be massages into the skin directly to target and correct specific conditions through improved cellular communications. Concluding with a special high performance mask, your skin will be re-texturized, hydrated, even in tone, plump and clean!

Deep cleanse| enzyme therpay|Peeling| Performance Mask
The Classic
The Refiner
Deep Cleanse| Enzyme therapy | Peeling| Poly Abrasion - 45mins $110
A gentle yet effective polishing treatment to successfully re-texturize, refine and brighten a dull, lifeless skin. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, this express service includes a gentle peel in combination with the very latest and innovative controlled abrasion technique out of Europe. The skin will be left feeling fresh radiant, well exfoliated and hydrated- all in your lunch break!